Test Flight, episode three

“The toilet’s in there,” Merv pointed at the narrow door beside the dinette table. “But it’s broken.” I crouched beside him. There wasn’t room for both of us in the entryway to the camper. “Is there one I can use?” “Oh, you can use it–for storage and the like.” I saw him peek at meContinue reading “Test Flight, episode three”

Life, After Death

Another older piece. Based on real events, written with permission from my patient–who became my friend, and whose heart beat beneath my hands There once was a man–a good man. A decent man. A man who was wheeled into an ER with chest pain and promptly dropped dead.  He was resuscitated for over an hourContinue reading “Life, After Death”

Test Flight, episode two

It looked like a cheeseburger. I tilted my head and squinted. Okay, not exactly like a cheeseburger, but the last cloud really had been shaped like a sundae. My stomach rumbled, and I patted it until it stopped. My trick was going to stop working soon, and then I’d be out of luck. I shouldContinue reading “Test Flight, episode two”

When writing becomes mediation

I’ve gotten quieter the past few weeks. There’s still the same Facebook chatter and pleasantries and commentary that amount to nothing, so you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know me well. But it’s there, like a pause in the conversation or a break in the white noise. It’s not a bad thing–I’m not hiding. IContinue reading “When writing becomes mediation”

The Big, Big Bang

I tuned in to watch the launch of the SpaceX Starship SN8. The commentators gave a tight rundown of everything happening at ground zero–is that the right term? Ground zero? Everything was exhilarating to them, from condensation rings on the fuel tanks to the stillness around the launch pad. At long last, sirens wailed, signalingContinue reading “The Big, Big Bang”

What kind of writer am I, anyway?

“You must be a FACEBOOK writer?” That’s the message I opened this morning, complete with the capital letters. He caught me off guard. Why the emphasis on Facebook? Was he insinuating I call myself a writer but only write on Facebook? Kind of like that woman who calls herself a model but only models onContinue reading “What kind of writer am I, anyway?”

A piece from the past

I’d like to post an older piece occasionally, just to revisit it. I’ve always been a writer, but I haven’t always shared my work. Some of these early writings were my first attempts at storytelling. This is a piece from 2014, written on my phone, from my car, on the eve of my uncle’s death.Continue reading “A piece from the past”

Being a good writer… means having the courage to suck. Bad.

I wrote something this morning–something gratuitously pretentious and magnificently arrogant. Something so over-the-top I cringed while typing it. And now it’s going in someone else’s novel. I couldn’t be prouder. I belong to a writing group where people often post tidbits of their work, asking for critique. I don’t post much because I tend toContinue reading “Being a good writer… means having the courage to suck. Bad.”

Test Flight, episode one

Episode 1 One. Don’t answer. Two. It goes to voicemail after four. Come on, four. Three. Please don’t answer. Shrieking laughter broke the silence on the other end. My heart skipped a beat and sank into my chest. So close. “Oh my God–what?” “Honey, it’s Mom–“ “I know.” Of course, she did–who else did sheContinue reading “Test Flight, episode one”

Of Yellow Barns and Info Dumps

I love the yellow barn. That’s not a metaphor for anything; I honestly love the yellow barn. It sits on the crest of a curve, far too close to the busy road. As if someone spilled a load of rebar onto a country lane and decided, “…meh. Play it where it lies.” It’s not anContinue reading “Of Yellow Barns and Info Dumps”