Test Flight, episode three

“The toilet’s in there,” Merv pointed at the narrow door beside the dinette table. “But it’s broken.” I crouched beside him. There wasn’t room for both of us in the entryway to the camper. “Is there one I can use?” “Oh, you can use it–for storage and the like.” I saw him peek at meContinue reading “Test Flight, episode three”

Test Flight, episode two

It looked like a cheeseburger. I tilted my head and squinted. Okay, not exactly like a cheeseburger, but the last cloud really had been shaped like a sundae. My stomach rumbled, and I patted it until it stopped. My trick was going to stop working soon, and then I’d be out of luck. I shouldContinue reading “Test Flight, episode two”

Test Flight, episode one

Episode 1 One. Don’t answer. Two. It goes to voicemail after four. Come on, four. Three. Please don’t answer. Shrieking laughter broke the silence on the other end. My heart skipped a beat and sank into my chest. So close. “Oh my God–what?” “Honey, it’s Mom–“ “I know.” Of course, she did–who else did sheContinue reading “Test Flight, episode one”