Test Flight, episode one

Episode 1 One. Don’t answer. Two. It goes to voicemail after four. Come on, four. Three. Please don’t answer. Shrieking laughter broke the silence on the other end. My heart skipped a beat and sank into my chest. So close. “Oh my God–what?” “Honey, it’s Mom–“ “I know.” Of course, she did–who else did sheContinue reading “Test Flight, episode one”


My kid is wearing his brother’s coat and my shoes–the waterproof ones with the Sherpa lining. The coat is too big for his thirteen-year-old frame; surprisingly, the shoes are not. He stands in the middle of the driveway, looking out at the houses, watching. The trees are blanketed with white and blend seamlessly with theContinue reading “Snowdust”